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Customized Solution

Don’t overpay for services you don’t need.
Our customized software and support solution will fit perfectly with the needs that are specific to your situation. Whether it’s managed, unmanaged or you want just an individualized sliver of our services, we'll work with you to formulate a game plan that makes sense for your organization.

Bill Process

Paying bills doesn’t need to be painful. Stress less.
Our system interfaces directly with your vendors to populate bills directly into our portal. Paper, EDI and all other billing formats are visible in real time to eliminate chaos. Yourlink connects directly with your accounts payable to pay bills seamlessly on time. We have an easy to use approval process that minimizes manual input in your organization, automatically filtering through each department and fulfilling every step of the way. We also offer automated bill pay for those who want to outsource the vendor payment itself.


Real time validation. Save time and money
One of the biggest problems companies face is billing accuracy. We start by validating every bill as they come in with Yourlink provides built in controls. This ensure pinpoint accuracy so that olny you pay is what you're contracted for.


Remove manual processes. Get time on your side.
Our general ledger accounting simplifies your coding process. Our system removes tedious manual allocation of expenses and automates the procedure. We also can allocate and apportion expenses down to the account or to take it a step further into departments or end user.

Inventory Management

Gain visibility into the details. Obtaining key data made easy.
Replace spreadsheets and multiple software programs to manage your account numbers, circuit id’s, mobile devices, NOC, circuit configurations and everything else that's important to your company. We streamline inventory and connect everything from sites, ports, locations and detailed carrier information.

Site and Contact Managment

Simplify how you manage your locations and who you contact for what. Make organization easy.
Because we tie everything together within our platform, managing sites and who to contact for what becomes easy. Within a site we can map spend trends, users, inventory, contacts from each vendor. Our customers gain true visibility into their sites, operational services and the equipment that connects them.

Project Managment

One tool is all you need to consolidate and manage your team and vendors.
Yourlink is unique as user-rules can be programed for project collaboration. IT, Procurement, Finance, C Level and Client Care can all have access and work seamlessly together towards common goals. Our ticketing system also allows managers to assign projects and keep statuses updated in real-time.

Client Care

Yourlink is your one source to obtain expert assistance. We understand how carriers operate and are results driven. We work for you.
Our client care specialists have been working with carrier back offices for 25 years. We have the knowledge and experience to get favorable results for our clients in way of savings, streamlined order management, bill resolution and portal management just to name a few. The platform dashboard incorporates chat and status functions to give you visibility without the hassle of calls and spreadsheets. Our staff is responsive and passionate about solving the shortcomings of traditional support. We’re happily waiting to augment your team in any way.

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